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Alexandra Cooper Net Worth, Early Life, and Dating Life!

Alexandra Cooper is well-known for her podcast, ‘Call Her Daddy’. From 2018 until 2020, Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn were the podcast’s partner co-hosts. Call Her Daddy is a podcast about dating, advice, humor, interviews, and New York City culture. It was initially launched on the 3rd of October 2018 with the first episode and has been vibing ever since.

Because of her beautiful voice and insightful perspectives on all of the topics she discusses in her podcast, presenter Alexandra has won the hearts of podcast listeners. Call Her Daddy was the sixth most popular song on the Spotify streaming service in 2020.

Age and Height

Alexandra is presently 5 feet 6 inches or 168 centimeters tall. She currently weighs roughly 58 kg (128 pounds). Her natural hair and eye colors are blonde/brown and dark brown, respectively. Her physical measurements are 34-25-36 inches as well. Alexandra Cooper was born in Newtown, Pennsylvania, on August 21, 1994, to Bryan and Laurie Cooper. Kathryn and Grant, her sister and brother, reared her. As of 2022, she is 28 years old.

Net Worth

Alexandra Cooper’s net worth is expected to reach $10 million in 2022. Her annual pay at Barstool Sports is said to be $500,000, excluding incentives. She is also a social media sensation with a sizable fan base on her Instagram account. As of May 2020, she has over 1.1 million followers on Instagram. She makes a lot of money from sponsorships and endorsements because she has so many fans.


Alexandra Cooper was introduced to Sofia Franklyn by one of their common acquaintances, and they quickly bonded and struck it off.

They started discussing about dating culture and aspects of their dating lives at a party, and others in the room were interested in what they were saying. Then a friend of theirs phoned Alex and asked her to start a podcast, so she called Sofia.

‘I’m not sure what it’s about, but let’s do it,’ she added. She was unemployed at the time and couldn’t think of anything else to do, so she created a podcast. Alex and Sofia taped three episodes and were blown away by the material.

After the content was published and the podcast began, it caught the attention of Barstool Sports, a well-known organization. They phoned her, and Alex and Sofia soon signed a three-year deal with the firm, with annual salaries of $75,000 for the first year, $85,000 for the second, and $100,000 for the third. The podcast exploded in popularity in the first three months. The product as well as other items were delivered in the frame. Both co-hosts quickly discovered that they were earning far more than the annual contract sum.

Alex, on the other hand, continued her podcast with Milley Cyrus as her special guest. Despite the fact that the podcast went through a lot, the madness persisted, leading to Alexandra receiving a $60 million offer from Spotify. The deal was signed, and the migration date was set for July 2021.

Spotify acquired the podcast, which was formerly owned by barstool sports, and barstool sports is still in charge of the show’s marketing.


Alexandra Cooper moved to New York City after graduation to begin her adult life. She had her first romance in New York City, which was recorded on camera by the media, and she was soon in the gossip columns. She was seen kissing pro baseball star Noah Syndergaard during a game, but it didn’t last and she went on to find another special someone.

The New York relationships didn’t last long, but Alexandra Cooper soon found someone who would transform her life for the better and for the rest of her life.

Social Media Presence


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