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Heo Sung Tae Net Worth, Relationships, And Career!

The penthouse: life’s wars, fame Heo Sung Tae is a Korean actor who has appeared in over 60 films and a variety of dramas. He is well known for his performance as Ha ll-soo in the historical thriller film ‘The Age of Shadows,’ which was released in 2016. He is once again receiving worldwide acclaim for his portrayal of mobster and ringleader Jang Deok-Su in the Netflix series Squid Game.

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Age and height

Heo Sung-Tae was born on October 20, 1977, in Busan, South Korea, to South Korean parents. His zodiac sign is Libra, and he is known by the moniker Heo. Heo Sung-age Tae as of October 2021 is 44 years old. In his photo, he appears to be 5-7 years younger. He is still young and youthful, despite the fact that he has not released images of himself when he was younger. He stands 5 feet 11 inches tall (180 cm) and weighs roughly 74 kg. He has black hair and brown eyes. His height and weight are unknown, although he wears a size 11 shoe (US).

Net worth

Heo Sung-Tae’s net worth is believed to be between $500,000 and $1,000,000. His main source of income is acting. He has been acting for the past 10 years and has a promising career ahead of him. On the other hand, due to the internationally famous South Korean series Squid Game, his earnings are expected to rise over time.


Before becoming an actor, Heo Sung Tae worked for a variety of companies, including LG Corporation in Russia, where he sold televisions. He also worked for a shipbuilding firm. He has finally chosen to try his hand at acting after working for a few organizations. Just a year before his film, he appeared on SBS’s talent show Miraculous Audition. Heo claims he signed up for the audition after seeing a promotional video for the show while drunk.

Heo Sung-Tae made his acting debut in the 2012 film Masquerade. He played a tiny role in a Korean historical drama film. In the same year, he co-starred in Man on High Heels with Cha Seung-won. He kept performing year after year, participating in at least one film. In 2015, he made his television series debut with City of the Sun.

He is most recognized for his performance in the 2016 film The Age of Shadows, but he has been in numerous other films. He became more interested in television programs following his debut in 2015. Racket Boys, Beyond Evil, Squid Game, and The Silent Sea are four television programs in which he has appeared.

Heo Sung Tae was nominated for Best Actor and Best Supporting Role at the SBS Awards for his performance in Your Honor, as well as Best Actor in the Baeksang Arts Awards for The Outlaws.


Heo Sung Tae married his unknown bride in 2010. They had been dating for around ten years before deciding to marry. So the secret couple has been married for more than two decades.

In Squid Game, Heo Sung Tae made physical love in the bathroom with the player no. 212 Han Mi Nyeo (played by actress Kim Soo Ryung), which was deemed the “most disliked scene” by Korean netizens. Following that, netizens dug out his radio show interview from 2016, in which Heo Sung Tae confessed that he promised his wife that he would not shoot any personal scenes.

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